Vodafone Touch Table image

Vodafone Touch Table

Vodafone gave consumer engagement a high priority in their new Christchurch headquarters. From the moment customers walked through the door, they wanted them to them to be inspired and able to interact with the brand. To make that happen, they asked Vada to design and produce an informational and interactive table for the foyer where customers congregate.

It was important that this piece could not only perform technically but also aesthetically.

A lot of thought had gone into the design of the foyer and we were mindful that such a large piece could upset the balance. To achieve these goals, we brought together a leading furniture designer in Auckland and a touch screen manufacturer in Finland.

The resulting collaboration produced a digital table that was able to handle the large volume of users and had a clear display in such a bright environment but also echoed textures and design features of the foyer itself to make it feel like a part of the original design.