Beanie Helmet image

VADA Beanie Helmet

Beanie helmet offers light impact resistance for modern day inner city transport in a sustainable and desirable package.

Invisible Protection

Thin form factor offers a protective layer inside the beanie without adding additional bulk to the aesthetic.

Enviromentaly Friendly

Built using sustainable materials without compromising performance

Breathable Design

Natural wool construction offers warmth in winter and cooling in summer. The protective foam layout and additional vents in the rear of the beaniepromote airflow.


No more bulky helmets in your bag during the day. Using the flexible nature of the design, the beanie helmet compacts down flat for easy storage.


Nylon fishnets are widely used by commercial fisheries however are commonly disposed of in the ocean causing harm to wildlife.

The Nylon straps used in the beanie helmet are made from recycled fishnets, preventing unnecessary waste going into our oceans.

A natural alternative to Styrofoam, Mushroom foam is a combination of agricultural byproducts and fungi to produce a lightweight foam like material.Mushroom foam offers a lightweight impact resistance benefit while being 100% compostable.

Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties - meaning it is warm in winter and cool in the summer. Wool is a totally natural product, entirely renewable and sustainable. And it is 100% biodegradable - a very important feature in a world that is increasingly concerned about the environment.