14 May 2020


yrspace transforms building environments, enhancing how we use and experience space. Through a combination of seamless Space Management and insights, we help you understand and optimise the human experience of your space or building.

Smart spaces enhance productivity. Within your space, we used verified facial recognition at entry points to create a frictionless check-in process. Live room displays optimise room usage and enhance productivity – meaning  meetings and product development can happen on the fly, without overlap.

Visitor Welcome experience

Facial recognition check-ins improve accuracy and save valuable time. Front desk tools and services provide smart tracking and handling of visitors, including instant notifications to Webex Team members when their guests arrive.

Flight Board

Information is updated in real-time to flight boards in the Spark 5G Lab, so anyone can find free space at a glance.Cloud management IT solution, Meraki,and yrspace use device GPS to locate which spaces are being occupied and where.

Meeting room display

yrspace can report the number of people using meeting rooms and for how long.


Facial recognition and sensors within the environment to do more than streamline check-ins to help build a complete picture of visitors. visitors access guest wifi via an yrspace login page, which Meraki will use to automatically register them.

“We consider how people will move, think, behave & feel in & about space”