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Marpi Studio

01 May 2020

I had the most amazing opportunity to meet Marpi 2 years ago and now call him a friend. The honesty in how he approaches life is refreshing, and how he takes that into every project.

Marpi is a Polish-born, San Francisco-based artist who creates interactive, scalable work across multiple platforms in digital and physical space.

In his current practice, Marpi designs and builds vast digital ecosystems that encompass both environments and creatures that are brought into being and shaped by users. His recent work provides different windows into the same universe, where sound, gestures, and other inputs from our world provide the basis for completely new forms of life.

Marpi creates work through Marpi Studio. He works with a small network of creative collaborators - designers, technologists, musicians, and others - to create exhibits, events, and other commissions throughout the world.