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Westpac New Zealand: Building WNZL’s Innovation Centre

After a trip to the USA early in 2014 to visit potential business partners (including MasterCard, Google, Apple & PayPal), Westpac’s CEO returned to New Zealand with some new ideas around new ways to engage stakeholders around the strategic vision of the business. Peter Clare (former CEO) had been taken on tours with some of the most successful and innovative businesses in the world and believed that the businesses that were most effective with bringing stakeholders on board with their strategy were the ones that were able to take their guests on a journey, physically demonstrating new innovations and explaining how they would help drive the business in the future.



To build an interactive innovation centre that took guests on a journey, demonstrating where Westpac had come from, what it stood for and where it’s heading. Users would be able to play with the new technology and understand how it will impact customer’s lives through integration with banking services. The timeframe for delivery was extremely tight.




We met with Alan and he discussed with us our brief before presenting several solutions across a range of price points. The installation we agreed on included a video wall (consisting of 9 55” panels) and two 65” touch screens. These were integrated with the latest wireless technology so that all of the inputs on the screens could be controlled wirelessly and demonstrations could be operated through the touch screens, allowing guests to play with the new technologies and see the results up on the big screens. The screens are also integrated with iBeacon technology which  allows us to demonstrate how the future of branch digital signage will work, picking up on who’s in the area using Bluetooth and tailoring the content on the screens to the individuals who are near them.




The innovation centre was built on time, on budget and has received very favourable feedback from all guests who have been brought through the space. The interactive nature of the installation allows us to use the space to train new staff, with all new starters to the business now taken on a tour and encouraged to play with the technology (such as Google Glass, iBeacon, Digital Wallet etc). We also regularly take customers, suppliers and other third parties on tours of the space as we look to explain where we’re heading as a business and why people are choosing Westpac. 




The space has also allowed us to test out new digital signage solutions and is seen as a prototype for installations for our ‘branch of the future’. Overall we’ve been extremely happy with our collaboration with Alan and will certainly be continuing the partnership for future projects. The service we received was fantastic and it was clear that Alan was invested in the success of the project.

– Andrew Becker, Westpac





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